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How do I receive a SIBO test kit?

Your doctor has to prescribe the SIBO Test Kit for you by faxing us an order at 503-207-6212. The order form contains a link to order the test kit. Your provider must share this link with you. Once purchased, test kits are mailed directly to your house.

Returning a completed a SIBO test kit?

Place the tubes containing your breath samples into the provided bubble wrap and then place them in the original shipping box along with the enclosed paperwork completed. Each kit contains a self-addressed pre-paid label for you to affix to the top of your sample box. Alternately, you can hand deliver the kit to our lab if you prefer.

How soon will I receive my results?

Your breath test will be analyzed by our technicians usually within 48-72 hours of their receipt by our lab. Results will be faxed to your physician within 24 hours after testing. The laboratory staff will not be able to answer any medical questions or talk about your results.

Are there any exception to the prescribed prep diet?

No, not really. Following the recommended diet is the only way to ensure that the test will be accurate and that your results will be trustworthy. Some physicians may have their own guidelines for you to follow. Please check with your doctor if you feel you cannot comply with the preparation guidelines.

What are the payment options?

We do not bill any medical insurance companies, including medicare for lactulose breath testing. The cost of the test kit is $179. We can send you a superbill, if requested, to submit for potential reimbursement.

What about testing errors?

Common errors for self-collection of breath include:
1. Too large of an inhale and too forceful of an exhale. 
2. Collection tubes are not all the way punctured by the needle
3. The patient does not continue to blow throughout the collection and stops blowing once puncturing the tube on the needle

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