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Ordering a Test Kit


Patients interested in SIBO testing: 

Please speak to your doctor as we must have a signed requisition form from a doctor in order to send patients a test kit. Your doctor can use the SIBO Testing Center Order Form provided here.


If you have prescribing rights, follow this link to fill out the Provider Registration Form.  After verifying your credentials a lab requisition form will be sent to you in a follow-up email. Since the kit contains lactulose, we must ensure that you have prescribing rights to order the test.

The ordering process involves:

  1. The provider faxes the completed requisition form for a breath test to 503-207-6212.

  2. The patient submits payment online following the link located on the bottom of the SIBO requisition form.

  3. When payment is received the test kit will be shipped to the patient. 


How much does the test cost?

At-home breath testing kits cost $179 which includes shipping and processing fees. We do not bill any insurance companies.


When a provider recommends breath testing, they should direct the patient to the payment portal on the bottom of the requisition form.  The SIBO Testing Center can supply the patient with a superbill to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement if requested.

Returning your SIBO Kit to the Lab

All kits mailed in the US will have a return shipping label. The completed kit can also be dropped off at the SIBO Testing Center Lab anytime the clinic is open.

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